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Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion # 7 Introduces a new Umbrella Academy

Gerard Way knows how to end a volume as the final issue of Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion sees a surprise twist at the end.

In this issue by Gerard Way, Gabriel Ba with Nate Piekos and Nick Filardi, all hell breaks lose with the former residents of Hotel Oblivion wrecking havoc in the city. Meanwhile, Vanya and Mom meets a new set of people who may change the way the Umbrella Academy think of themselves and their status as “super heroes”.

The team is spread thin, responding to a lot of different emergencies. Rumor just dealt with a witch/monster which she successfully contains; Seance, Number 1 and Diego are also successful with their own missions. But when the villains swarm what’s left of the team, things get hairy.

These new superheroes who appeared out of nowhere referred to Luther as “brother” before making a classic superhero trope entrance.


This new Umbrella Academy team has some cool powers too. Like one of them can shoot deadly eyebeams, another one can turn into a murder of crows and umm… actually murder villains and their “Number One” who also has super strength.

Above you can see that they also have their own version of The Horror, and he doesn’t change into a horrible monster. Rather he inflicts harm on himself which is then passed on to his targets. In this case, stabbing himself will cause the same damage on his intended victims.

With the threat officially over, our team decides to ask the new team who they are…

So, wait, what!?!?! There’s another secret Umbrella Academy running around the world for years? They not only look better, they also have matching costumes and masks too. Did Hargreeves create a new team just like what Professor X did in the X-Men books? How did they not know there was another team? Will Vanya join her other “brothers” and “sisters”? Why is Mother becoming more and more nefarious looking as the story progresses?!

We have a little while before the next volume drops but for the meantime, I suggest you binge watch Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Here’s my review of that.

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