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First Look: Marvel Legends Agent Anti-Venom

Hasbro recently released an official photo for their upcoming figure, the Marvel Legends Agent Anti-Venom.

The figure is pretty much a variant of the original Agent Venom Marvel Legends figure they released a few years ago. The only difference is the paint and color used for the figure. This was created as a way to differentiate this version and the one that also shared Venom’s past with Eddie Brock known as Venom.

Check out the full photo for the Marvel Legends Agent Anti-Venom below:

This figure will be available November 2020 and is now on pre-order from various online stores.

In the comics, Flash Thompson got his powers back on during the “Red Goblin” saga in which he also played the medic to Spider-Man and his friends. He ultimately fell at the hands of Norman Osborn who also became the new host of the Carnage symbiote and thereby becoming the Red Goblin. You can check out the post on that story HERE.

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