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Home tools and appliance gifts for every type of Dad

Now is the time to make Dad feel appreciated. This Father’s Day, give him something cool, practical, and suited for his unique interests. Can’t decide what to get? Then worry no more– we’ve created this list based on Dad’s hobbies and needs so it’s easier to pick!


  1. For the Handyman Dad

Vietnamese man teaching his son wood carving

  • Rotary Tool Kit

If Dad’s hobby is to create new cool things, then this can be handy for him! Get a rotary

tool kit for him to easily engrave on different objects such as wood, metal, glass,

electronics, plastic, and many other materials for his personal projects.


  • Swiss Knife

Screwdriver, can opener, knife, cork opener… basically what is always asked from Dad.

Get him prepared in these situations with an absolutely convenient swiss knife.


2. For the Aspiring Chef Dad

Father and son cutting the mushroom.

  • Samsung Smart Oven

If Dad loves to cook and prepare for the family, get him this 6-in-1 Samsung Smart Oven! This appliance functions as a convection oven and a microwave that can be used For baking, grilling, slim frying, defrosting, steaming and even making yogurt, making it The perfect cooking appliance. This will definitely make him try more recipes so expect New dishes after buying this gift.

  • Kitchen Blow Torch

Make dad feel like a legit chef with this blow torch. Extra char on the steak or BBQ? That burnt edge on the toast? Beautiful caramel glow in creme brulee? He can do anything he wants with this kitchen tool.

3. For the Dad who deserves rest and relaxation

Happy family on the bed together. Chinese and Malaysian ethnicities.

●Wind-free Air Conditioner
Let him relax and have an undisturbed sleep. The Samsung Wind-free air conditioner cools the room quickly and comfortably by maintaining the preferred temperature in any room without directly blasting cold air or creating unpleasant cold spots. The best part is,
it can be controlled using your phone with its Wi-Fi function, so the room can be set anytime and from anywhere he wants.

●300-count cotton pillowcase
This will totally become a game-changer for his sleep quality. These pillowcases has a luxurious softness that will make him relax instantly every time he goes to bed.

4. For the Coffee Lover Dad

Asian little son helping father drinking coffee between working with laptop computer notebook at workplace happy family together at home concept.

This cool method of coffee-brewing will certainly amaze Dad! Add in some of his current
favorite beans or a new type of blend for him to start playing with this new toy.

●Hand- painted mug
Think of a favorite memory with Dad… or a running inside joke with him! Get the creative
juices flowing and paint a mug for him so he can remember you whenever he gets a cup
of coffee.

5.For the Whisky Lover Dad

Take drinking experience cooler with these super interesting ice molds and cubes!

Asian businessman lying in bed and reading something on digital tablet at night

●Sphere Ice Mold
On the rocks as his staple choice of drink? Get him this sphere ice mold and enjoy whisky with less dilution.

●Rechargeable Ice Cubes
Say bye to unwanted dilution while cooling drinks with this safe and easy to use device. This can be Dad’s new interesting piece that his friends will be intrigued about.

6.For the Adventurous Dad

Father and daughter taking a shoulder car and photographing

●Samsung Heat Pump dryer
Can’t rely on the sunlight to fully dry gears? Now, he can make sure his gears are clean
and dry with the Samsung Heat Pump dryer. Best part is, if he suddenly decides to take
on a trip and his favorite outdoor clothes are still in the laundry, the QuickDry function
just takes 35 minutes for it to be fully dry!

●3-in1 Monopod, Selfie stick, and remote
Never let him miss a moment with a light tripod that he can bring to his trips! This
multi-functional gadget can serve whatever he needs for that perfect shot.

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