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Marvel Goes MOBA with Marvel Super War

Marvel isn’t one to ignore the popularity and power of games as its been recently revealed that there’s a new game out on beta testing called Marvel Super War.

This game’s genre is MOBA so its pretty much like playing League of Legends or Arena of Valor or Mobile Legends Bang Bang. But we’re ditching the classic character archetypes for… you guessed it, Marvel heroes!

How cool is that.

Check out the various screenshots I got for the game.

Main Menu featuring Captain Marvel

There are currently three modes to choose from. The first one is obviously the 5v5 game and there’s also arcade.

When I tried Marvel Super War last night, it was on maintenance so I’m still not sure, as of writing this, if these are the premium heroes.

Speaking of heroes, there are already several ones you can use with different skills and class.


Why Loki is part of the “Energy” heroes, I do not know.


OK, these three make more sense.



We only have two characters for support namely Mantis and Ebony Maw…


Only one character for Assassin-type and its Black Panther.


And for the Tank-types we only have Black Dwarf (who reverts back to his original name after being referred to as Cull Obsidian in the MCU).

Anyway, check out some additional screenshots from the game Marvel Super War below:

Will you be playing the game as early as now? Download the game today.

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