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Warren Ellis added info for WildCATs

The Wild Storm writer Warren Ellis has shared a bit more information regarding the upcoming miniseries WildCATs which will be released August 2019.

Dc comics wildcats 2019

Here’s what they have to say about the new WildCATs book.

The Wild Storm is a slow burn, with careful gridded pages, carrying many plotlines in a novelistic way. Wildcats is none of these things. It will move very fast, it will focus exclusively on the main cast and the people and events they meet, and it will be as explosive and crazy as I can possibly make it. It will be, deliberately, the precise opposite of The Wild Storm. Control. Escape. Breakaway civilisations. Central planning. Survival. Conceptual breakthrough and the discovery that our universe is bigger than we thought. And the world is stranger than we thought.

Oh and we will be getting a Zealot miniseries too.

Wildcats variant cover

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