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Odin Becomes the Iron All-Father (War of the Realms # 4)

Another cool moment from War of the Realms # 4 is the first and probably last appearance of the Iron All-Father as worn by Odin himself.

We have tackled War of the Realms # 4 yesterday already, particularly that cool moment when Thor appears to be dual-wielding and equipped with the Destroyer’s arm.

For today, we take a look at that moment when Odin becomes the Iron All-Father to fight off Malekith and his Dark Elves.

So Odin has been unavailable since War of the Realms # 2, when he was almost killed by Laufey. He was whisked away and had been recovering since then. In issue 4, he wakes up, finds out that his wife Freyja has become the new keeper of the Black Bifrost and goes on a one-man rescue mission to save his wife.

Unfortunately for him, he’s too weak to go at it alone. This is where Splitlip ( a former supporting character in Matt Fraction’s Invincible Iron Man book) together with Tony Stark show up to tell Odin that they have an armor made specifically for him and his immense power.

And they need that armor more than ever because on the other side of the Black Bifrost, Malekith has caught up with Freyja and has begun torturing her using Venom (another time for that).

And her we are, the first (and most likely last) appearance of the Iron All-Father armor.

iron all father armor for odin

And Odin actually teams up with his wife Freyja…

You need to pick up the entire run or get the current issue to see what happens afterwards.

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