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Aquaman Concept Art Reveals Australia Attack and Batman Response

Several new Aquaman concept art from the Aquaman artbook has revealed an interesting and unused concept, the Atlanteans attack Australia and that Batman responds.

These Atlantean war machines look awesome to be honest and that one on top creatively uses electric eels to power up their weapons.

The atlanteans also sport a different costume and design for their Australian invasion. Very different from what we saw in those scenes involving Black Manta and his elite forces who attacked Arthur Curry and Mera in Italy.

Man oh man, I wish we could see a glimpse of this in Aquaman 2. Hopefully James Wan uses this concept and idea as well.

And finally, we have a look at Batman as he responds to the Atlantean invasion of Australia. He’s using the Flying Fox carrier too rather than the usual Batwing.

Now thid makes getting the Aquaman artbook a little more worth it.

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