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Avengers: Endgame Review (Now Showing, Non-Spoiler)

Here’s my Avengers: Endgame review. Bring lots of tissue, be ready to bawl and laugh and say goodbye to the current Avengers and MCU that we are used to.

A year after Infinity War (review HERE) we join Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the rest of the surviving Avengers as they find a way to undo what the mad titan Thanos has done to the universe, namely “dusting” half of existence to make things “perfectly balanced”. And there’s so much drama and development here and yet it doesn’t feel taxing.

Avengers: Endgame is the kind of movie that lets a tight script take the backseat and let emotions do the driving with fan service riding shotgun. And without spoiling anything there are TONS of fan service moments in the movie. That alone is worth the admission price (which is also pricier because the movie is three hours long).

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The visuals were stunning as expected from Marvel Studios. Everything is eye candy. When there’s nothing spectacular happening like a big superhero fight, you find yourself admiring the makeup and the costumes that they used for the actors. Going back to the visuals, while I like my IMAX 3D, I can confidently say that “Endgame” is best enjoyed with a big screen and in 2D. 3D will probably hurt your head. Every color that appears in the film also helps set a character. Like how Captain Marvel’s signature glow (as seen in the trailers, totally not a spoiler) can be spotted from a “mile away” or Iron Man’s repulsor blasts are the same way.

Music was kinda weak. I would have to agree that the scoring was ok and gets a pass from being picked on because it truly helped evoke emotion especially for the strong third act of the film.

The cast was brilliant too. Everybody got the time to shine in one form or another, especially the so-called “Big Three”. But we have to really give a big hat tip to the trio who were given their moments to push their character’s plot further and at the same time providing them with some inner turmoil or something to live for. Again, without spoiling, lets say that you will need a tissue for a lot of moments in the film brought about by the smart writing and the stellar acting of the cast.

There’s so many quotable stuff here as well as places where you suddenly choke up whether its your mom, your dad or your kid or even your spouse. It’s already there in the title; the film deals with loss and the pain it brings. It’s survivors guilt put on film, with a dash of superheroes for good measure. And I like that, I like how they slowly built up everything so that when that glorious third act comes to town, everybody is hyped and ready to see the Avengers go toe-to-toe with the mad titan.

And while right now, I’m telling you I gave Endgame a 10/10, it’s not without flaw.

The movie is riddled with plot holes the size of Hulk’s fist and in your first two viewings, you may not notice it; it will eventually catch up to you. But still that’s a good thing because it makes you think as a viewer. It makes you develop your own theories.

As I also mentioned earlier, the film plays with your emotions to win. Infinity War played with the story and gave you a creeping sense of doom as Thanos went on his quest and snapped half of existence. For all its worth, IW had a solid script and screenplay and that every minute counts. Sure there were slow moments but those were important too. For Endgame, especially after a few screenings, you will zone out in the same scenes. I know I did and when you see the movie, you may probably know which scenes I’m talking about.

Lastly, some may not like how things will end. It’s change and people will always be resistant to that. It may even cloud their opinion of the product regardless of how well made the film was. So there, not a spoiler, but a warning.

Avengers: Endgame Review – Verdict


Avengers: Endgame is graduation time. Ten years of heroes and villains, some good, some bad. It was beautifully executed and lots of payoffs and definitely makes watching each and every Marvel movie that came out to be worth the time and money. The action and plot was gripping and entertaining and there are a lot of great moments people will talk about for years to come.

Honestly, I’m scared if Marvel could top what they did here in “Endgame”. But again, In Feige we trust.

Do i even have to recommend this? I know you’ll be watching. I will recommend you keep your eyes on the video review I’m producing as well as the Avengers: Endgame spoiler review I’ve put on draft until the right time.

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