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Superman vs Shazam (Captain Marvel) – Kingdom Come # 4

We start looking at the different times where Superman vs Shazam happened. These two have fought a bunch of times and its always a really cool moment when this happens. Here’s Superman vs Shazam from Kingdom Come # 4 by Mark Waid and Alex Ross.

So what happens that led to this is that the new generations who have violent streaks have been sent to a gulag or a prison made by the newly returned Justice League ked by Superman.

When riots have broken out and some of the wardens have been killed, the League rain full force on the prison to contain the situation. Amidst the chaos, Lex Luthor and his league of humans send over Billy Batson aka Shazam then known as Captain Marvel. Superman is blindsided by the arrival of Shazam.

The fight was very equal until Shazam starts cheating by calling the lightning down to hit Superman.

Of course we know Superman is weak against magic. So this becomes a problem.

This goes on for awhile until Superman decides to neutralize Shazam in this fight.

Superman shuts up Billy and gets him out of the lightning.

At this point, Superman convinces Captain Marvel to help stop the riots while he takes care of the nuclear bomb that has been dropped by the humans.

We’ll do more Kingdom Come soon. We need to look for more Superman vs Shazam stories throughout the years.

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