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Here’s Henry Cavill’s Superman with the Moustache

A new photo of Henry Cavill’s Superman from Justice League with his moustache on has made its way to the Internet.

You can definitely see him with the pornstache. This moustache generated a bit of controversy and talk in tinseltown.

So the story goes that when Joss Whedon took over directing duties feom Zack Snyder for Justice League, he did extensive reshoots. Henry Cavill was at the time already shooting scenes for Mission Impossible: Fallout.

And he had to grow a moustache for his MI role (which was one of his best roles to date). And no way can he shave it off for the reshoot. It was reported that WB even offered to pay the digital moustache for Fallout but Paramount declined. So DC Comics and WB decided to just CGI Cavill’s upper lip and remove the moustache.

The results were less than stellar with fans actually mocking the decision and the output.

So there, take a look once more at the Cavill pornstache.

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