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Coworking Space: Would It Work for You?

Abstract: Switching to this set-up can help you save money for more important things. With the right people, intention, and timing, it could be the best move you’ve done.

As a business owner constantly thinking of ways to boost employee productivity and cut cost, you’ve probably come across ‘coworking space.’ It is defined as a flexible and voluntary work style based on the participants’ mutual trust and common core values. Literally, it is the sharing of the workplace among employees not working for the same company.

Just like any other new concept or idea, opinions on its effectiveness and efficiency differ among people. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you’re not facing the dilemma, right? Is it worth to invest in a coworking space? Let’s discuss here how it works and whether it would work for you or your company.

Versus the traditional office

First, let us talk about the traditional office set-up we all know about. As an employee, you go to work every day in the same location, by the same mode of transportation, and sit beside the same set of people. Because you do this daily, your office slowly becomes your second home. You enjoy comfort, convenience, and a sense of security. But do these things – comfort, convenience, and security – promote productivity?

If you’re the business owner, mentioning the idea of switching to a coworking space to your employees could be met with some violent reactions. After all, why would they want to say goodbye to comfort, convenience, and security? Therefore, you need to make sure that you yourself believe this is a smart move. This is how you’d be able to sell to them the idea. And if they are really the kind of employees who are bright, practical, and caring, then they should understand and accept your decision.

Without the office politics

One way to start is by saying coworking space means office without office politics. Saying this should probably win 75% of the employees already because nobody likes office politics! Since it is an open workspace, everyone is expected to be professional, considerate, and sensitive to their environment. People from all walks of life will be there and with the same goal – to work. This leaves no room for any office drama or politics.

Keep the comfort

Sure, employees love the security of their own cubicle but moving to a coworking space doesn’t mean they have to say goodbye to comfort. Coworking spaces feature open tables, lounge chairs, the usual office machines, and everybody’s favorite coffee makers and snack stands. There are also conference and meeting rooms you may rent by the hour or day. Top these all off with fast and reliable Internet connections. Already thinking this is the way to go?


Coworking spaces provide the solitude you wouldn’t find in a traditional office. This would allow your employees to keep their focus and avoid interruptions. Thus, they complete a task faster and with less chance for errors. Also, they get to stay wherever they want – in the sofa, near the window, or even outside the room – which is fun. When they’re having fun at work and appreciate the type of environment they’re in, they become more productive.

Meeting and conference rooms

If you’re a start-up, chances are, you wouldn’t need meeting and conference rooms as much as big companies. This is because you’re used to online meetings and calls. If you finally decide to go for a coworking space, you wouldn’t have to pay the fee for these rooms. You can just have them when you really need to. After all, many would agree too many meetings are counterproductive.

For the freelancers

Compared to start-up owners, it is not difficult for freelancers to decide. Going for coworking space is, indeed, a smart move because working at home is not recommended and ideal. Many reasons support this statement other than a fast Internet connection. Sometimes, productivity depends on the environment where you work. Would you be motivated to work in front of the TV screen where you watch Netflix or play your favorite computer game?

Given all these benefits, the decision to go for coworking space is still up to you. Would it work for your employees, business, or for you? Only you would know. What’s confirmed is that switching to this set-up can help you cut cost and save money for the more important things. With the right people, intention, and timing, it could be the best move you’ve done for your work or business.

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