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Gmovies Currently Puts Avengers: Endgame Bookings on Hold

Gmovies just announced that they are currently putting advance bookings for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame on hold.

Here’s a screenshot of the announcement which was shared on Facebook.

So what happens here is that you currently cannot buy tickets using the app. They did however advice that they will be honoring previously bought tickets on Gmovies.

No full details have been revealed, ut I’d like to speculate that this would be because ticket demands for the fourth Avengers movie for the actual cinemas are starting to balloon. So rather than give the seats to Globe, they would rather sell it themselves.

Should we be worried? Not yet. But you have to remember that the film is 3 hours long. Meaning that would be additional operation costs including electricity. So they may bump up prices.

But again, this is purely speculation. There are still other factors we haven’t considered.

The service is Globe’ s movie booking arm. It’s here you can pick out the movies, see screening schedules in you preferred cinema and most importantly, get to book seats and pay as well.

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