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Captain Marvel Concept Art Pays Tribute to Original Mar Vell Suit, with a bit of Green Lantern

Concept artist Aleksi Briclot recently shared some of his work on the Captain Marvel concept art department.

Here’s what he had to say on his work on Captain Marvel.

It has some similarities with the finished product however there’s a lot of different parts for the MCU’s most powerful hero.

Also while we have seen the final output for the Starforce version of Carol Danvers’ costume which was green and black, this Captain Marvel concept art is green and white which really reminds us of the original costume of Captain Marvel aka the Kree warrior Mar-Vell.

IiRC there was even one scene from the movie where she changes the color of her costume to the green and white costume before settling for her red, blue and gold costume thanks to her “niece”, Monica Rambeau.

And a quick look at the design done by Briclot harkens thoughts on another space themed hero, this time from the Distinguished Competition, The Ryan Reynolds led Green Lantern.

What do you guys think of this Captain Marvel concept art? Too Green Lantern-Y or a fitting throwback to Mar-Vell?

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