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A Quiet Place 2 Officially Happening with John Krasinski as Director Again

While things didn’t pan out for John Krasinski’s character in A Quiet Place, he will be returning for A Quiet Place 2 as the writer and director once more.

A Quiet Place made it big in ticket sales and critical response for its gripping story and amazing writing. You can check out my A Quiet Place review too to find out more.

The former Office star broke the news himself on his Twitter account.

No details have been revealed but if we hazard a guess they could either move forward with the story with Emil Blunt’s character leading the fight against the sound sensitive monsters that have almost decimated the human race.

Or we could also have a prequel movie, which fleshed out what happened to the world during the alien invasion. This is where Krasinski can once again reprise his role, this time a new dad intent on saving his family from the horrible fate that befell mankind.

The untitled sequel which we will refer to for now as A Quiet Place 2 will be hitting theaters May 15, 2020.

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