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Asics G. I. Joe Snake Eyes Sneakers and Storm Shadow Sneakers Now Available

Here’s a quick look at the new collaboration between Asics and Hasbro for the Asics G.I. Joe Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow Sneakers.

Asics G. I. Joe Snake Eyes Sneakers

As you can see above, Hasbro and Asics’ partnership has produced two G. I. Joe inspired Sneakers. The first one is Snake Eyes, arguably the most popular member of the Joe’s.

Below you’ll see the insides of the shoe. It features art depicting Snake Eyes. Very retro and reminiscent of the 80s packaging for the toy line.

The Asics logo is also placed conveniently at the bottom.

There’s also the cool colorway for Snake Eyes in this product.

Another cool aspect for this. ASICS Snake Eyes sneaker is the red logo of the Arashikage.

Here’s what you can see at the bottom of the Sneakers.

Asics G. I. Joe Storm Shadow

The Storm Shadow sneaker also goes with the white colorway with a bit of camo effect.

Its got the same stuff as the Snake Eyes shoe, namely the trademark Asics logo and Gel Lyte technology in the shoe. It also sports red laces.

The art is also present at the inside soles.

And instead of the Arashikage logo like Snake Eyes’ we have the Cobra insignia appearing at the back.

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