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Uniqlo x Gundam Coming Soon?

Fans of lolo Gundam and the entire Gundam franchise in general should be on the lookout for this cool collaboration between Uniqlo and Gundam which has been dubbed as the Uniqlo x Gundam collection.

Most of the designs will feature the classics like Amuro Ray’s RX-78 Gundam and even Char’s Red Zaku unit.The white shirt features the classic Lolo Gundam at the back and the Gundam logo in front. Super cool this one.

We also have a look at Char Aznable’s Red Zaku, printed on a black shirt.

There’s also another Char inspired shirt…

Correction, this was actually both for Amuro and Char. This fight was where Char got his famous scar.

Check out the other shirts from the Uniqlo x Gundam collection.

The best part about this collection is that there’s also an actual gunpla set that comes along with these shirts. I don’t think they wi be doing this here in the Philippines.

And yes, its in red and white for both the lolo Gundam and the Zaku.

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