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4 Thoughts on the ZenFone 5’s Android Pie

ZenFone 5 users and owners a word please. Have you tried updating your phone’s system or are you dreading to do so? Well, the new Android Pie update for our favorite smartphone has some pretty nifty things that may just make you love your phone even more. Here are 4 things on the ZenFone 5’s Android Pie update.

  1. Better Application Management

The new update offers a lot of improvements with the normal operations of your phone. The ZenFone 5, was touted to have a better battery usage and that’s what the Android Pie improved upon. The system actually learns how you use your battery with the applications and features and then prioritizes what you’ll be needing it. 

So if you use your mobile data AND play games, the phone adapts thanks the update and gives more juice towards that. 

2. Brightness 

You’ll love your ZenFone 5 more with the way it adapts to the brightness. Prior to the update, I usually had to manually adjust the brightness to match the lighting of where I am. The Android Pie update made the brightness adjustment smarter and now I can text or use the phone easily even when I’m under the heat of the afternoon sun. 

3. App friendly

Who here uses APKs and other applications? The previous settings for the ZenFone 5 was “welcoming” towards APIs and APKs. But you feel like it could have been a better experience. With the ZenFone 5 Android Pie updates though, the system has made it a lot smoother and convenient. Pretty much it lessened the number of taps to activate the apps installed on your smartphone. You can really say that they did a deep look into how the ZenFone 5’s system works.


4. Intuitive Navigations

“redesign of the navigation system, simpler to use for faster switching of apps”

Never had any problems with the ZF5’s navigation before but the new update made my life a lot better. The reaction time is faster and you get a smoother interface and movement with every swipe.

How to Download ZenFone 5 Android Pie Update

There are two ways of updating your ZenFone 5’s OS. 

  1. Automatic Update

This is the normal way to update your phone. A notification will be made available on your phone’s status bar about the update being ready to install. All you have to do from there is just tap on the notification. When the download is finished, a new pop-up would appear asking you to “Install” the update. When you do so, the system will begin installation and will reboot twice. Once the updates are through, the phone will revert back to the Home screen. 

2. Manual Download

It may take about one week for the system to complete the auto push. If the update notification/prompt is not received, it can be checked and initiated manually via the Settings > System > System Updates menu path.

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