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Sasha Banks had a Wardrobe Malfunction in WWE Raw

WWE Superstar and former WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks was recently caught in a wardrobe malfunction in this week’s episode of WWE Raw.

Banks was in a tag team match with Ronda Rousey against Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka. She was set up for a slam when her trunks was pulled down.

After the spot, she was spotted quickly pulling up her gear.

Good too that Sasha Banks was wearing something sheer to cover up her bits. This was a really unfortunate thing to happen toher. Totally unplanned unlike that recent Alexa Bliss segment that was scripted.

WWE had quickly blackened the screen during the live broadcast and that was quite a relief. Apparently while they were indeed live, they have a slight delay which was enough time for backstage and production to do something.

Its also ironic that this had happened to Sasha Banks considering her husband’s business is making ring attire.

It was business as usual for Banks too and she even goes on social media to go on a “shoot” against Ronda Rousey.

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