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Impulse Was Supposed to Join Alpha Flight – Young Justice # 1

Here’s something cute from last week’s Young Justice # 1 by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Patrick Gleason. Bart Allen aka Impulse almost namedrops the Marvel superteam from Canada called Alpha Flight.

In the scene where the invaders from Gemworld attack people in Metropolis including classic Superman supporting character Maggie Sawyer, Impulse makes a quick run and saves people. It was during his little “monologue” that he reveals that he was actually on his to Canada to “join” Alpha Flight.

This page has a ton of pop-culture references too like having Impulse mention not just the Justice League but also calling Harry Potter.

While two Warner Bros properties being referenced into comic books is something new, it’s always a cause for celebration when either of the Big Two (Marvel and DC Comics) reference each other’s character.

Alpha Flight is the premiere (and possibly only) Canadian superteam. Some of their famous members includes Wolverine, Guardian, Puck (who is now working with Captain Marvel’s Alpha Flight in space), Northstar and a whole lot more.

Young Justice # 1 is out now in stores.

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