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Mary Poppins Returns Review

Thefanboyseo.com offers up a spoonful of sugar and a bowlful of Mary Poppins Returns review. The film stars Emily Blunt, Lin Manuel Miranda and Ben Whishaw. Directed by Rob Marshall.

Mary Poppins returns and was it a good return or a bad return? I felt that it was a serviceable sequel. There’s no more Julie Andrews for this outing but we get a younger, more dynamic Mary Poppins in the form of Emily Blunt.

I must confess, I grew up on Mary Poppins. Its so ingrained on me that even in today’s setting my mom would often mention this whenever she regales us of tales when we were kids. So imagine the hype at our household when the first trailer was released.

But was it good? The tl;dr is it was OK. The whole movie suffers from what I would like to call the “Force Awakens Syndrome” where it’s pretty much the rehash of the old things, given a modern facelift and then added a few young characters, a few old ones and some original characters that are now old.

The plots the same but given a few twists here and there. The “villain” isn’t really that bad if you put yourself in his shoes, but Colin Firth’s character isn’t likeable at the same time.

The animated segments I loved. This definitely showed how hard technology has changed the animation industry. I can say that its up to par with the original too. Good stuff.

What I didn’t like however is how darker the tone has become. I distinctly remember Mary Poppins the original as being lighthearted. This one had darker themes.

The songs though weren’t as iconic as the previous movie. I can barely remember now any of the songs. 🙁

Oh and I believe it was an utterly waste of time to include Meryl Streep’s Cousin Topsy. Seriously, the movie could have still worked in some way without actually going through this segment.

The shining beacon of this film happens to be Emily Blunt. The “A Quiet Place” actress shines bright all throughout the film. She’s nailed down the whole mysterious nanny from the sky down pat. It’s actually a whole new take on Mary Poppins with her in the role.

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Mary Poppins Returns Review – Verdict


While its got a lot of nostalgia in mind. Mary Poppins Returns felt weak. It’s visually stunning

Special thanks to Vista Cinemas and Walt Disney Studios PH for the screening!

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