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Get Your Own Keyblade Before Kingdom Hearts III with the PDP Keyblade Replica

Ready to play Kingdom Hearts III already? Why not complete the whole experience by getting the PDP Sora Keyblade Replica which is now available online?

Product Description

  • Officially licensed by Disney, the Kingdom Key is a replica of the powerful weapon from the Realm of Light that Sora wields during his adventures
  • Incredibly detailed gold hilt to its intricate crown blade
  • At just over 35 inches tall, the Kingdom Key crown blade is made from sturdy EVA foam
  • Includes detachable chain with Mickey medallion
  • Designed for Kingdom Hearts fans ages 10 and older

Here are some of the things that makes it really an interesting buy especially at the $35/ $40 price point.

It had the Disney keychain down pat…

Based on the photo, this replica of Sora’s Keyblade from the first Kingdom Hearts game also has the color schemes locked in properly, especially for the hilt.

Here are a few more official photos for the PDP Kingdom Hearts Sora Keyblade replica.

You can back-order this product HERE

Meanwhile Kingdom Hearts III is coming out on January 25 and will be available for the Playstation 4. And speaking of PS4, if you have the budget, I hope you get the Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III Playstation 4 Pro Bundle which will also be released on the same date as the game.

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