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The Infinity Stones Have Changed After Infinity Wars # 6

Spoilers for Infinity Wars # 6 which ended this week.

So we kinda know that the Infinity Stones communicate with each other, they have sentience to some extent but after the events of Infinity Wars # 6, they have completely changed.

Youbsee after saving the world and escaping certain doom, Adam Warlock decides that the stones need to decide who will keep them.

Using the time stone, he stops time for a bit and decides to give each of the six infinity stones a soul. He gave them life and freedom to choose who they will bestow their powers to.

The gathered heroes and villains are surprised when they discover that Warlock had made his move.

There’s also the subplot of Gamora who earlier in the story became the killer known as Requiem and beheaded her father Thanos.

Ofcourse everybody is shocked with what Adam Warlock had done to the stones but Star-Lord aka Peter Quill seee this as a different way of solving the problem.

The five stones depart immediately. Except for the Soul Stone that kinda lingered with Warlock for a bit.

Then it decided that Warlock was uncool so it went it’s own way as well.

This makes for an interesting development. How will bad guys like Doctor Doom or Thanos get a hold of the stones now that they can think for themselves.

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