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IDW Relaunching Transformers Once More

It looks like the years worth of stories wont do much to save the Transformers from getting relaunched as IDW Publishing has announced that the series will be relaunched.

Transformers # 1 coming March 2019

 The relaunch will start during the war on Cybertron and will build up to the current timeline. It’s pretty much a world-building story which brings familiar faces back to the forefront like Optimus Prime and Megatron. The relaunch will be overseen by writer Brian Ruckley and artists Angel Hernandez and Ron Joseph. The two artists will also have their own respective covers per issue.

Transformers tells the story of Cybertron before the war, and of the mysterious death that ended an age of peace on the planet. The series will publish twice a month, with a roster of characters that will include Bumblebee.

Michael Kelly, Hasbro’s VP of Global Publishing has this to say over the matter:

We are eager to begin this new chapter in Transformers storytelling. We are excited to begin a tale that will be accessible and appealing to readers unfamiliar with Transformers lore, while still providing the depth and drama that our longtime fans expect. It’s a big responsibility, but we’ve got the right team and the right characters to do it.

The new Transformers book will ship starting March 2019 and will also feature variant covers by Gabriel Rodriguez, Freddie E. Williams II, and Jeffrey Veregge.

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