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Phil Coulson is a bad guy now – Avengers # 11

This week’s Avengers # 11 also revealed how much Phil Coulson has changed after returning from the dead.

In this issue, we see Coulson interrogating an unnamed agent who he has deemed as a spy against the US government.

Quick recap, Coulson was a solid SHIELD agent and supporter of Captain America. During Secret Empire however, Nazi Cap ordered Deadpool to kill Coulson which the latter successfully did.

But in Avengers # 700, he seems to have been brought back to life and is now in charge of the US superteam known as the Squadron Supreme.

One of his task upon his return is deal with anything superhuman which includes their network. In tnis issue, this unnamed agent Coulson is interrogating seems to be working for Black Panther as well.

It looks like Squadron Supreme made quick work of the water based villains and heroes that Namor had assembled in an encounter in Alaska. The US government then erased the incident and kept it hidden.

In the end, it looks like Coulson has made his choice and is willing to kill for the sake of his new bosses.

For more good vibes from this issue, you could check out that cute date between Thor and She-Hulk.

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