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Spider-Man During the 911 Attack on the World Trade Center (Amazing Spider-Man # 36)

Today lets commemorate 911 attack on New York’s World Trade Center with this tribute issue from Amazing Spider-Man # 36.

The so-called Black Issue written by J. Michael Straczynski.

It was heart-breaking then as it is now. The numerous lives that were lost during this as well as the subsequent death toll in the Middle East.




One of the better things about this issue is how we see the Marvel characters work together with local first responders like Thor and the Thing above.

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The beroes take a back seat in this tragedy in order for the true heroes of that event to shine, the brave police officers, EMTs and fire fighters who worked tirelessly to save people trapped under the rubble.

Of course this issue is not without fault. It drew flak for the way they did Dr. Doom, who was depicted crying at the onslaught. The presence of baddies like him, Kingpin and Magneto was not only unnecessary it was also forced.


The result was a meme featuring crying Doom. Good thing that didn’t pick up much steam.

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That last two panels above sends a shiver down my spine whenever I encounter/ post Amazing Spider-Man # 36 aka the 911 issue. That strength to overcome the hijacker and the will to know that the plane should not reach Washington D.C., its so noble.



God, that was soul-crushing. Sometimes I forget how good comic books are as a medium to convey emotion. Then I’m reminded of how many tear-jerking scenes I’ve encountered since the time I picked up my first comic book decades ago.


For Marvel’s part, it was a great idea to put their 911 issue in a Spider-Man book for a number a reason. One of the biggest reason is because he’s the everyman hero in a world of mutants, armored avengers and super-soldiers, here’s this guy with the proportionate powers of a spider doing the best he could to save everybody. Now thrust him in this situation and he doesn’t know what to do, let alone answer the victims.


Let’s leave Captain America alone with his thoughts OK?


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OK sorry, I’ve run out of smark and witty comments. Conspiracy or not, the 911 tragedy still gets to me for both the horror and the humanity that people generate. It’s both the worst and best that humanity can offer the world.

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We Remember you.

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