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Triple H Out of Surgery

WWE boss and superstar Triple H has shared a photo of himself after getting surgery for torn pecs

In his Twitter account the 49 year old pro wrestler thanked his doctors and is optimistic about his “road to recovery”.

He writes:

Out of surgery, happy to report all is well. Thanks to excellent medical care of Dr. Dugas and his team and all the well wishes, messages, tweets, and texts I got over the weekend.
Road to recovery starts… NOW. #GameTime https://t.co/cfEmocnDxi

He posted a photo of himself with his injury and just before going in for surgery. It was a nasty sight I tell you.

The man who developed NXT into what it is today had received the injury during the controversial WWE event Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. He teamed up with his friend and fellow D-X partner Shawn Michaels to face off against Undertaker and Kane.

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