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Alternate Looks for Thor in Avengers Infinity War

We all love what Thor looked like in Avengers Infinity War especially in that brutal scene where he nearly kills the mad Titan Thanos. But here’s something to take a look at, a few alternate looks and concept artworks for the thunder god.

You know what, some of these designs aren’t half bad too. In fact, most of them looks great. I guess it all came down to what was the most practical to create and the easiest to wear for actor Chris Hemsworth. There’s also the fact that they will need to sell merchandise for the film and picking out the right one that can translate to action figures is also a point to consider.

What’s even great is the fact that they were revisiting designs and looks for Unworthy Thor in some of the concept art. The cape gets re-purposed and they even make it look like Stormbreaker can be worn as an accessory to make the god of thunder really badass.

The boots all differ from one design to another and you’ll definitely want to take a long hard look at the intricacies for the design of Thor’s asskickers.

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