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Asus ROG Phone First Impressions

Thefanboyseo.com got its hands on the glorious ROG phone so its only appropriate that we do a ROG phone first impression post.

First off, this phone has a lot of promise and right off the bat you know that it was built specifically for the mobile game enthusiasts. The ones who go for hours on end playing FPS and MOBA games.

Design wise, there’s a lot of new things introduced both inside and out. Outside the phone is surprisingly light.

I found the ROG Phone surprisingly light and easy on the pocket. Of course there’s the Gorilla Glass in place to fend off scratches so that’s less worry for you as a smartphone owner.

Another surprise for me is the design.The phone has a metallic finish that’s so nice to touch. Those groves and edges are so easy to hold on to.

Charging was usually a burden for gamers especially when they are playing their favorite games on horizontally. The cable gets in the way of holding smartphones properly. the ROG Phone takes care of that by having USB charging ports on the side.



The cooling system attachment is also another notable thing to write in this ROG Phone first impressions post. Not only does it look stylish, it feels like a total upgrade from the usual phone. More like how the GUNDAM SEED series had the M.E.T.E.O.R. Units and looked twice as cool.

Cooling issues or phones overheating after long periods of gaming is also addressed with the ROG phone. That attachment you see above? It’s also got a fan that cools down the phone quick.

The screen also looks great with vivid colors and when you hit the right settings, everything looks life like.

And because this is ASUS we’re talking about expect the best quality for their cameras.


ROG Phone Impressions:

Standby for more information as we update this ROG Phone first impressions post for the price and full specs. And if you’ve got the time to spare, do drop by this Sunday at ESGS 2018 to personally see the unveiling of the phone.

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