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Azrael, Cyborg and Starfire are Gods – Justice League Odyssey # 1

In the first issue of Justice League Odyssey by Joshua Williamson and Stjepan Sejic, we find out that several of Earth’s heroes are actually worshipped as deities in various planets.

As the trio of would-be criminals follow a voice that leads them into the ghost sector which came about at the end of No Justice, they drag along Green Lantern Jessica Cruz who was protecting the sector from intruders.

They crash land the comandeered Brainiac ship into a planet where they encounter Darkseid.

Darkseid in Justice League Odyssey # 1

DC Comics – Darkseid in Justice League Odyssey # 1

The foursome get ready to fight ruler of Apokolips but they hear something that piques their interest.

DC Comics

Apparently, Darkseid reveals that Azrael, Cyborg and Starfire are worshipped as gods in some of the planets that have been released after the destruction of Colu during No Justice.

Knowing Darkseid, he has some nefarious plans in store for this team. By the way at this point in the story they are hardly a team. But lets see in the next few issues.

Pretty good read and I’m always a sucker for Stjepan Sejic’s work. The wholesome kind anyway.

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