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Venom Review

Thefanboyseo.com offers up a Venom review the size of the bulky alien symbiote that took over Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock. The film is now showing from Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures Philippines.

The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer and also stars Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams.

The movie is based on the character from Marvel comics.

What You Need to Know

Venom is a space parasite called a symbiote aka a Klyntar while Eddie Brock is a disgraced journalist who gets bonded with the alien during a break-in at the Life Foundation.

The Good

Don’t believe the critics, the Venom movie isn’t bad as what some reviews made it to be. Its got a lot of good moments, Venom himself is a witty character and Tom Hardy still acts like a million dollar baby that he is.

The casting was OK here, at least for this Venom review. Riz Ahmed from Rogue One makes for a serviceable villain. Michelle Williams as Brock’s ex Anne Weying was OK… I guess.

Venom had great action scenes. Sure they were short and some were lacking but the overall experience was nice. Seeing a hulking Venom taking out anything and everything is something that needs to be experienced in the big screen, particularly in an IMAX screen.

What took me by surprise is the amount of humor injected into the movie. Most of the really winning “quips” and lines were thrown by Venom (who incidentally is also voiced by Tom Hardy).

They also have two post-credit scenes here so be sure to stay till the very end. You’ll be hyped for whatever they plan next.

The Bad

For starters, I have to say that the film’s a mess in several aspects including the way they told the story. It also suffers from “when-its-convenient-lets-bypass-continuity”.

Another gripe is the shaky camera. God, would it kill them to have action scenes that don’t require people to strain their eyes. I mean really, that final fight at the end would have been thrice as good if not for the ridiculous amount of shaking going on.

So while the female lead and the male antagonist looked good onscreen, their characterization and other things like chemistry and interaction were null. Like they were just phoning it in. Good thing there’s Tom Hardy to save us from that misery.

Venom Review – Verdict


I enjoyed Venom and I still highly recommend it. It’s not as bad as what other people painted it to be. Sure missing the Spider-Man connection hurt a bit but that they still did a comprehensible movie. Fun and caters to Marvel fans even the casual popcorn-viewers. But don’t expect a lot , because this is just a comicbook movie.

Do I want a sequel? Hell yes, especially after that tease at the end. There’s also a chance that they could redeem this film and elevate it to new heights. But for what it is, Venom was OK. The Marvel zombie in me is good with what I saw.

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