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Lobo Coming to Krypton Season and He Looks… meh?

NYCC this weekend so there’s a lot.happening and while Titans is the most-talked about series, there are other shows from DC thats trying to be hype like Krypton season 2 which just revealed their Lobo.

The unkillable Czarian is played by actor Emmett J. Scanlan who also played Jim Corrigan in Lucifer.

Here’s the role description for The Main Man…

A ruthless bounty hunter, who murdered his entire species, he possesses a genius level intellect when it comes to matters of warfare, making him a deadly adversary. Imbued with superhuman strength, and virtually immortal, Lobo will keep coming until the job is finished. His word is the only thing Lobo holds sacred; and although he’ll never violate the letter of an agreement, he might disregard its spirit from time to time

I’ll be honest, Krypton wasnt working for me and maybe adding Lobo into the mix can make things interesting for me. Also the look isnt really all that appealing to be honest. Its a rather “meh” look.

But considering that plans for a solo Lobo movie is in limbo at the moment, its really better to take whatever we get.

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