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Go Play PS4 and PS2 Game Downloads with PlayStation Now

You can now play PlayStation Now titles even when you’re offline!

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that Playstation Now users can now stream games as well as download them to their Playstation 4 consoles so they can play their titles either offline or via streaming.

Most of the games for the Playstation 4 library will be available in the game streaming service together with the existing Playstation 2 games that have been “emulated” for the Playstation 2.

Existing Customers

But what if you already “borrowed” a game and is stream it via Playstation Now? Simple. You can just transfer your save file from the Playstation Now’s Cloud service and send it to your console of choice provided if has a Playstation Plus membership.

There’s also a disclaimer from Sony that while the downloaded games can be played without the Internet, it’s still important that you connect your Playstation 4 unit to the Internet every few days just to verify your Playstation Now subscription.

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