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LOOK: There’s a Combatron Card Game Being Made

Combatron was one of those Pinoy titles that had helped shaped comic book readers into what they are today. Its also the first thing you probably will remember when you hear the words Funny Komiks. And now decades later, we’re seeing a Combatron card game being promoted and hyped online.

The character appeared in the now defunct Funny Komiks and had quite a run back then. Creator Berlin Manalaysay had always been asked what he would do with the franchise moving forward and he has teased a lot of goodies including this card game.

The art is awesome too, even nostalgia inducing. Check out the colored art below:

We get all the good stuff too if you know the characters like Combatron, Deathmetal and I even spotted Abodawn in a video that circulated online.

The game is coming out soon and they are giving fans and casual card game enthusiasts a chance to play test the game in various locations around Metro Manila.

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