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Alimuom: A Shot at Hardcore Pinoy SciFi

In the future, the once-lush Philippines is barren due to the toxicity of the environment. All agriculture is banned on Earth and done off-world, with only the richest being able to eat naturally grown, imported food. The rest of the populace must live off of synthetic sources of nutrition.

This is the backdrop of Keith Sicat’s cutting-edge scifi film, Alimuom, one of the finalists to the 2018 ToFarm Film Festival.

The film is set in the universe of Outerspace Filipino Workers, a sci-fi comic anthology created by Sicat, and published by Kamao Komiks.

The story centers on a family of Filipino scientists and their struggle amidst a government that has been overrun by corporate greed.

Alimuom boasts of an award-winning cast in Ina Feleo, Epy Quizon, Mon Confiado, Dido Dela Paz, Elora Espano and Karl Medina.

The film is supported by an equally stellar crew with veteran Production Designer Danny Red (Bayani, Sakay, El Presidente) creating the sets, Visual Artist Leeroy New – best known for designing Lady Gaga’s muscle dress in “Marry the Night” – creating concepts, props and miniatures and award-winning filmmaker, Ice Idanan (Sakaling Hindi Makarating) taking charge of cinematography.

TOFARM Film Festival will run from September 12 to September 18 across Metro Manila, Davao and Legazpi.

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