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And Spider-Man PS4’s Main Villain is… Spoilers Ahead

We stumbled upon several juicy photos for the final boss for the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game and if you dont want to be spoiled then I suggest you skip this post because this is loaded with spoilers for the Playstation 4 title from Insomniac Games.

Spoiler alert once more…

Here we go.

Alright so as previously rumored, Doctor Octopus will be the game’s final boss and while we never did see him in the trailers, there were a bunch of posts and rumors that swirled around that the eight armed nemesis would be the last villain to beat.

As we can also see in the photos below, they’ve made sure that they gave Otto Octavius here a new look befitting of a final boss. I kinda miss the bowl cut for the eight-legged professor.

Doctor Octopus had recently made his and Peter Parker’s life more intertwined than ever before. As he slowly died a slow death, he recreated the Sinister Six and took out the Avengers then turned the Avengers into his new Sinister Six against Spider-Man…

When that failed, he went and took over Peter Parker’s body and switched places with the webhead. This was when he rebranded the Spider-Man and became Superior Spider-Man.

Failed that after several dozen issues. He resurfaces yet again as a digital consciousness, then he gets a clone body much much younger and started new life in the west coast under a new name and an anti-hero outlook.

Spider-Man PS4 is out this week for the Playstation 4 and was developed by Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive.

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