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MODOK has a New Look in West Coast Avengers # 1

The classic Marvel villain MODOK gets a new look or at least a spinoff variation in the pages of West Coast Avengers # 1 by Kelly Thompson and Stefano Casselli.

This new volume features a zany cast including the two Hawkeyes, America Chavez, Quintin Quire, Gwenpool and new hero and Kate Bishop’a boyfriend Fuse.

Wasnt expecting to see MODOK here but he makes an appearance while the team was busy battling a giant Tigra.

He also proceeds to kiss Kate in front of the team including Fuse. And you can see in the art above, he’s surprised.

Gwenpool had the right reaction too as the issue draws to a close.

Coukd this really be MODOk and what happened to the old body? Still it could be a brand new robot designed to be very similar to the killer robot synonymous to HYDRA and AIM.

Also who did that to Tigra?

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