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MineskiTV, Tier One Entertainment, and Gariath Concepts Team Up To Cover Dota 2’s The International 2018 with Sanduguan

The Philippines has gained a reputation in the world of esports for having some of the best crowds in the entire world. Time and time again, thousands of Dota fans have flocked to the nation’s stadiums and arenas to fill seats to capacity.

Such an engaged esports following has also brought nationwide esports tournaments and blockbuster international coverage to both online streaming and local television, with audiences in the hundreds of thousands.

“It’s no secret to our communities that Filipino fans are the best in the world. Because of their dedication to the game we all love, all of us are only pleased to bring them a once-in-a-lifetime viewing experience. We hope that our collaboration for The International 2018 will help move the whole of Philippine esports forward,” said Tier One Entertainment CEO Irymarc Gutierrez.

Now however is the time to push beyond even that, with the most ambitious Philippine esports coverage to date.  MineskiTV and Tier One Entertainment are proud to present Sanduguan: The 2018 Coverage of The International.

Mineski TV

MineskiTV has been a major player in the industry for years, pioneering top-notch esports content and regular coverage in the country. Theirs is a name synonymous with Philippine esports, and the channel is the starting point of many of the industry’s veterans. They bring their long-time experience and technical expertise to the table.

Tier One Entertainment

Tier One Entertainment exploded onto the scene last year. The esports-focused talent agency has built up a crop of fresh shoutcasters, gaming influencers, and online content channels. One of their managed studios, WomboXcombo, boasts one of the strongest and largest Dota 2 communities in the country.

These two titans of local esports will work hand-in-hand for exclusive coverage, both on the ground at the venue of The International itself in Vancouver, Canada, and locally, which will be facilitated by Gariath Concepts.

Gariath Concepts

Providing the channel and studio for this joint production is Gariath Concepts, the organizing company behind some of the Philippines’ most successful gaming events, including the Pinoy Gaming Festival (PGF) and the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS).

For one momentous occasion, the biggest and best talents in Philippine esports will be under one roof instead of competing for audiences. Sanduguan represents an exclusive opportunity for fans to experience a level of coverage never before seen in the history of the industry, and to live this year’s premier Dota 2 event through a truly Filipino coverage.


“This collaboration is just the start of the next big step in Philippine esports. Our two studios are joining forces for the benefit of all Filipino audiences, and to make sure that what we can provide is not only the largest esports coverage ever, but the best one. Let’s bring the entire Philippine Dota 2 community together and experience The International like we never have before,” said Marlon Marcelo, Head of MineskiTV.


If you’re a Dota 2 fan, or simply enjoy the unique brand of esports hype that the Philippines has to offer, then this coverage is something you will not want to miss.


Head over to Facebook and tune in to the YouTube and Twitch channels on August 15 to August 25 and experience the combined might and hype of Sanduguan 2018.





About MineskiTV

MineskiTV, originally founded in 2009, has been a leader in Philippine esports content since. Its professional production arm has also cemented itself as one of Southeast Asia’s AAA production agencies. As a pioneer of esports broadcasting in Southeast Asia, MineskiTV as a brand continues to draw a large audience from gamers of all types.


About Tier One Entertainment

Tier One Entertainment was founded in 2017 by esports veteran Tryke Gutierrez and cosplay and gaming star Alodia Gosiengfiao. It is a talent agency dedicated to connecting mainstream brands with esports, video games, and geek culture through its development of a top tier roster of talents.


About Gariath Concepts

Established in 2015, Gariath Concepts has marked a position in the gaming industry, providing events and conventions that showcase the aspects of esports and video gaming to the community. It has also built good relationships with brands around the industry, providing excellent service and creative ideas. Some its notable events include Pinoy Gaming Festival: Summer Assembly, Brawlfest and the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit.


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