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APCC 2018 – Finn Jones “I wanna be Aquaman”

Covering Asiapop Comic Con 2018 and we joined up a media session with Finn Jones who was in town to promote Iron Fist on Netflix.

All eyes were fixed on the “Game of Thrones” and “Iron Fist” star as he gets introduced by radio jock Chico Garcia, who also hosted the entire media session. The dude walks in, very casual with a polo shirt and nice chinos.

There were a lot of interesting stuff that we learned during our short time with the British actor. For one, he’s a musician who has traveled the world to share his love of music. In fact, he was subtle in promoting his Spotify page where he tends to share some of his mixes.

He also spun and worked with fellow Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn (Hodor to you and me) in Turkey.

I did ask him if he were to play a DC character who would it be and he answered that he would probably want to be cast as Aquaman, or at least the TV version or DC Universe version of the king of the seas.

We also talked about what he would wear in case he would “cosplay” and without batting an eyelash, he answered he would love to play Finn the Human from Adventure Time.

I gotta say it was a fun interview and he certainly had rapport with everybody in the room.

Check out more photos of Finn Jones from his various appearances through APCC 2018 below:

Special credits to our photographer for this beat, John Jethro Samonte and Alec Egido.

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