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We Called it, Flippers are reselling the Jollibee Funko Pop figures at Ridiculous Prices

Just like any culture, there will always be opportunists and flippers who will hustle their way with anything they can vet their hands on such as, in this case, the much-vaunted Jollibee Funko Pop which was first and exclusively available at APCC 2018.

And now that there are a lot of people who have brought home two or more of these cute little buggers, the resell market is lit as f*ck with flippers who sell the ‘bee at criminally insane prices.

Take a look at some of these sales posts that were shared on Facebook by various individuals and groups.

So yeah, the photos on top were posted on ebay and it looks like these guys had the cajones to sell the bee at that price point for the Pinoys that wanted the figure but cannot fly back here to the Philippines to fall in line and buy tickets to AsiaPop.

Then there are these local vultures…


Yeah sure, it took people minimum of six hours in line just to buy a pair of the Jollibee Funko Pop but that does’t necessarily mean you need to charge that much for the experience.

Then there’s this other guy.

This one though, didn’t feel like a crook. Still a flipper but not as “kapal” as the first one who posted on OLX for Php 8,000.

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