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Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 190 Spoilers

We check back on My Hero Academia aka Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 190 spoilers and its teasing something big with Endeavor and a surprise villain’s appearance.

This chapter hits the climax with Hawks and Endeavor saving the day, Endeavor landing on his feet and doing an “All Might Pose”.

The victory though is short-lived because as soon as the fire hero Endeavor gets back up, they are faced with the mysterious villain known as Dabi.


This encounter between the fire hero and the badly burned and stitched up villain has been the subject of a lot of fan theory over the past few months. You see, rumor suggests that Dabi is actually Endeavor’s eldest son. You’d wonder what happened to the eldest and why the newly minted Number 1 hero focuses on his youngest son, Shoto Todoroki.

Here’s what other fans are saying and discussing about the mysterious MHA / BNHA villain, who incidentally also has a fire quirk, just like Shoto and Endeavor.

It also stands to reason why Dabi had taken a liking to Hero Killer Stain’s ideology, that all heroes are worthless and phony and that the purging of all these powered people will help in revealing the “true heroes”.

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