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SSSS Gridman Episode 2 Review

Yuta and the rest of the team are still reeling from the giant kaiju when everything seems to return to normal in their high school. What’s going on here? Here’s my SSSS Gridman episode 2 review!


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Our protagonists Yuta Hibiki, Sho Utsumi and Rikka Takarada start the episode perplexed as they could have sworn that the kaiju’s head landed on the school and that the school was obliterated last episode. Even their classmates don’t remember that there was a kaiju attack. At this part, it kinda makes sense again if you’re familiar with the US and even the Japanese toku series.

This is also the episode where they start calling themselves the Gridman Alliance. Pretty cute if you ask me. Still better than “Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad”.

We also get some more red flags for Akane Shinjo. Honestly, they could have done two or three more episodes without red flagging Akane. Also loved that music playing in the background.

This episode also introduces the Flash Access, a new gear for Yuta to combine with Gridman. New allies come in the form of Samurai Calibur who is a weird looking man brandishing a long katana who also becomes the Gridman Calibur when Gridman goes to work.

The new intro for Gridman is also very reminiscent of the Ultraman series. I love it and I want to see more in future episodes.

So there you go, my thoughts put into writing via this SSSS Gridman episode 2 review. Catch the series as its still airing on Netflix and Funimation! Follow me on Twitter as well at @thefanboyseo for more anime news and updates!

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