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Batman Writer Tom King Comments on Batman # 50 Spoilers

Leave it to DC Comics to spoil their own book in order to drum up sales. Case in point, Batman #50 which will be released this Wednesday (Tuesday or Thursday here in the Philippines) which also happens to be Batman and Catwoman’s wedding. And so, Batman writer Tom King went to Twitter to share his comments on the massive spoiler.

The awesome writer had this to say:

I don’t recommend spoiling things like this until the actual book has been released so I feel bad for King and his creative team behind Batman # 50.

To be fair though, that Jim Lee artwork sure speaks A TON if you know what you’re looking for. In fact, I could actually spend one post just waxing on everything good (and bad) about this image.

Hey, even former Batman writer and current Justice League writer Scott Snyder had chimed in on the Batman # 50 spoilers.

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