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Tony Stark: Iron Man # 1 Introduces the Fin Fang Foombuster Armor

Dan Slott brings over his knack for tech and other sciences over to the Iron Man books with his first issue of Tony Stark: Iron Man # 1 and one of the new things he introduced is the new addition to the “Buster” line called the Fin Fang Foombuster.

Campy as it may seem, the new armor helps develop the story and the volume’s identity. We’re back with Tony Stsrk being a millionaire again and developing technology again while being plagued by spies and enemies all around him.

After breaking in his new hire, Andy Bhang, Stark and his new team get an 3F alarm which promptly launches several robotic Stark vehicles to contain the monster.

I swear, seeing this page made me want to catch up with my Voltron Legendary Defender or get a dose of Voltes V on the side.

Before they could even plan an attack, Stark rushes into the battle and reveals his secret weapon against his old enemy.

Of course it still doesnt end well for the Fin Fang Foombuster because these armors usually barely stay upright. Even Bruce Banner’s Hulkbuster 2 armor in Avengers Infinity War was wrecked by the film’s end.

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