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Daughters of the Dragon’s Misty Knight and Colleen Wing Clip from Luke Cage Season 2 Now Released

Netflix’s Luke Cage season 2 is just around the corner and you’ll know that there will be clips aplenty prior to the new season’s release. Some would be obscure while others like the one below is genuine fan service. Here’s a look at the clip from Luke Cage Season 2 featuring the “Daughters of the Dragon” Misty Knight and Colleen Wing.

The clip features Misty Knight getting in trouble in a bar with Colleen Wing just watching as the fight ensues. The latter joins the fight when one of the brawlers decides to attack Misty with a broken beer bottle.

The two are adorable also because they seem to wearing clothes that resemble their comic book counterparts. Simone Missick’s Misty is seen in this clip wearing Misty Knight’s traditional red costume while Jessica Henwick is spotted wearing a white jogger outfit, also reminiscent of her more popular look in the comic books.

Marvel’s Luke Cage will be released June 22nd on Netflix. Other upcoming Marvel and Netflix projects include Iron Fist Season Two, The Punisher Season Two, Daredevil Season Three, and Jessica Jones Season Three.

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