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Another X-Factor Member Dies in Uncanny X-Men # 12

Last week’s Uncanny X-Men # 12 by Matthew Rosenberg and Salvador Larroca gives us another mutant death, this time, a former member of X-Factor and the New Mutant.

In this issue of Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Men # 12, Strong Guy meets his grisly demise. And the entire issue prolonged his agony but it did give him a heroic death.

After regrouping and patching up their wounds, Wolverine and Cyclops attack the main O. N. E. base with the hopes of rescuing mutants.

During the two-man attack on the base, they encounter a number of smaller sized Sentinels…

They beat the mutant killing mechs and open them up to see that it is powered and piloted by mutants…

… including Strong Guy aka Guido Carosella.

They free Guido and other mutants like Dani Moonstar aka Mirage and Karma and find more mutants inside the prison cells.

Later as the rescue mission gets more mutants broken free, the people at ONE decide to detonate one mutant prisoner with the hopes of taking out the other escapees.

Guido takes most of the explosion reducing the number of casualties from the blast. He had sacrificed himself for the X-Men to escape.

The guy just can’t take a break couldnt he. First he dies, gets brought back to life as a soulless bad guy. Then he becomes the king of hell for awhile. He gets revived but then this happens.

We’ll miss you Strong Guy.

Now I need to read the last New Mutants miniseries to get an understanding of what he and Magik went through.

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