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Hot Toys Reveals Surprise Weapons for the Avengers Infinity War Captain America 1/6th Scale Figure

Hot Toys has finally revealed the surprise weapons that come along with the Avengers Infinity War Captain America.

The last time we featured IW Cap the images for the surprise weapons were redacted but now that everybody’s seen Avengers Infinity War at least once, we can go ahead and share the image of the new weapons available for the hot toys set.

So what were the surprise weapons anyway? The Avengers Infinity War Captain America one sixth scale figure will feature Proxima Midnight’s spear which we saw in that scene where Cap, Black Widow and Falcon rescue Vision and Scarlet Witch in Europe.

Below we also have Cap with Corvus Glaive’s glaive which we saw at the Battle of Wakanda scene where he helped out The Vision after the android was blindsided by Thanos’ general.

The set belongs to the “Movie Promo Edition” and I think this will be the pricier version of the figure.

If you’re set on a budget then you may want to pick out the regular edition which still has a surprise weapon in it in the form of Proxima Midnight’s spear.

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