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Best Thanos “Deaths” in the Comic Books

Thanks to Avengers Infinity War, Thanos has become a household name. The villain did a lot of atrocities both in the film version as well as in the comics and it’s time we took at some of them.

Theres a lot of moments for the Mad Titan’s comic book life where he bit the bullet or at least was left for dead.

Here are some of those moments in the 616 universe.

Marvel Two in One Annual # 2

In the story Final Threat, we see Thanos turned into stone. This was one of the first defeats for the Titan and we get to see him humbled.


In the closing momenta of Infinity by Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung, we see Thanos turned into amber thanks to the powers of Thanos’ son Thane.

Thane turns his dad into amber along with Black Order member Proxima Midnight. They were housed in the New Avengers / Illuminati hideout in the Wakandan Necropolis.


In the closing moments of Annihilation, Drax the Destroyer, altered further in order to kill Thanos, actually manages to kill Thanos.

The Infinity War villain is surprised to see his own heart pushed out of his chest thanks to the former Earthman. He drops dead and doesn’t live to see the combined forces of Marvel’s cosmic realm defeat Annihilus and his Annihilation wave.

These are definitely some of the greatest moments of defeat for Thanos. Do check out these books via your LCS or through the Marvel Unlimited app.

Thanos Imperative

In the Thanks Imperative, Thanos takes over leadership of a universe called the Cancerverse where Death has no power. The heroes and villains end up undead and gets all sorts of creepy with their respective bodies. The Cancerverse makes it’s way to 616 thanks to the void/portal created by Black Bolt and Vulcan at the end of War of Kings.

So anyway, Cancerverse Mar Vell is successful in his coup against Thanos, murders the madman and they go kaput because Mistress Death makes a deus ex machina and brings balance while ignoring Thanos completely.

Thanks lashes out at the remaining heroes in the area, namely Star-Lord and Nova.

The miniseries ends with Rocket Raccoon making a memorial for Peter Quill and Richard Rider.

This also gets a retcon of sorts with both Quill and Nova making it back to world of the living. Thanos also gets back later in the books with Brian Michael Bendis telling the story and Gamora getting pissed at the Guardians team for not telling her of the fate of Nova.

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