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Punk Spidey and Iron Spider Suits Compose Most of the Spider-Man PS4 Game’s DLC

In line with the recent release of Avengers Infinity War, Sony Interactive and Insomniac Games has revealed yet another Spider-Man suit for the upcoming Spider-Man game for the Playstation 4 and its none other than the Iron Spider.

Iron Spider Suit trailer

The Iron Spider suit will be available as a pre-order bonus for the Playstation 4 game and is one of three alternate suits players can use in the game which is being referred to right now as the “Spidey Suit Pack”.

The other suit that players can use as they beat up bad guys including the main villain for the game, Mr. Negative, is the Spider-Punk suit.

A third suit is still waiting in the shadows but we can all expect the reveal by July, which will also pretty much complete the pre-order bonus suits for the game.

Spider-Man PS4 is hitting stores September 7, 2018

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