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You Can Play Game N Watch Games Now in Kingdom Hearts III with “Classic Kingdom” Minigames

Square Enix has released a new Classic Kingdom trailer which shows off some cool new minigames for Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts III Classic Kingdom trailer

Most of the games that players can play in Classic Kingdom feature KH main star Sora teaming up with Disney’s main mouse Mickey Mouse in various types of games. One is very reminiscent of Donkey Kong too where we swap out Daisy for Mickey’s main squeeze, Minnie Mouse.

It’s such a cool treat to see these minigames in actual AAA games. Remember that pinball game for Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix sure likes to add these things nowadays. The only real bummer here is that they announced the addition of the Classic Kingdom minigames first before even releasing the actual release date for the proper Kingdom Hearts III game.

That’s the tragedy here.

Kingdom Hearts III is slate for release for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One this year.

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