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Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Taskmaster coming to Fortnite with Fortnite Warrior Pack and Royalty Pack

Marvel and Epic Games continues to churn out new Marvel content for Fortnite and this time they’ll be bringing in Captain Marvel, Taskmaster and Black Panther to the game via Fortnite Warrior Pack and Royalty Pack!

You can check out the announcement video below:

I totally dig the way they showed Black Panther here too, appearing atop a panther statue while everybody in the Fortnite universe look up from Storm, to Captain America to Wolverine. And the background music or BGM they used here is also very akin to the musical track used for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther movie directed by Ryan Coogler and starring the late Chadwick Boseman.

And yes, it looks like players can also now do the Wakanda Forever pose in-game. Here’s what they wrote on the Marvel website:

In addition to the Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack, beginning today, you can nab the Wakandan Salute Emote for free! This Emote is available for all players who complete Fortnite‘s all-new Wakanda Forever Challenges any time between December 21 and January 12!

The Marvel Fortnite Warrior Pack and Royalty Pack is now available! Fortnite is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS.

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